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Check out what some of our students have though of the Bridges to China programs:
Ryan Lewis

I am very glad that I came across before arriving in Beijing. I was looking at many different websitse and programs to learn Wushu, while traveling in China, but many of the other programs I found were either too expensive or too complicated to join. I was currently traveling while trying to sign up for classes so I had very little time to plan when I would be in China and how long I would stay. Immediately as I emailed Liam at Bridges to China, he was eager and flexible to work around my unexpected schedule.

To further complicate matters, I was entering China at a time when everything shut down (Chinese Spring Festival), but Liam and Hunter were able to find me a private instructor and group classes to accommodate my schedule - and at a lower price than any of the other websites I checked! They really made it easy on me and planned everything, while keeping in contact to let me know what was going on.

Since I was already in Beijing before my program started, Hunter came to my hostel and picked me up to go to the campus where I was going to study. We moved into my dorm without a problem, I even got my own room, even though I ordered a double, since there was extra space. Watch out though, there is an 11 pm curfew, so if you like to stay out late, you may want to find other accommodation (there are plenty of places in Beijing).

I quickly became friends with my instructors and the staff of Bridges to China and loved the extra personal touch that was not possible with other, bigger, organizations (where my other class mates felt like they were just another number).

The classes were really challenging and you can really improve your fitness level and martial arts ability if you push yourself, but don't expect someone to hold your hand the entire time. The experience is what you make of it and personally, for me, with Bridges to China, I had an unforgettable time while staying in Beijing!

Note: The 11pm curfew is now no longer in effect, so no worries about staying out late!

Ryan (USA) spent a month learning various forms of martial arts during March 2007.

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