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The Bridges to China Family

In China, family and friends are key, and at Bridges to China we are all one large family of friends. From the moment you arrive in China you are welcomed to our community of staff and students.

Your teachers, instructors, classmates, and the staff here are all at hand to make sure you have a great time. From our social activities to grabbing dinner together or going out clubbing, we're all looking to have fun together.

Have a birthday coming up? Let someone know and we'll all go out together to celebrate! Or do you have some great ideas for something to do on the weekend but need people to go with?

Planning a trip?

If you're planning to do some traveling while you're in China, we're here ready to help out with any information or assistance you might need.

Booking train tickets and working out the train system isn't always easy in China, neither is finding your way to the way train station without taking a taxi. If you plan to travel around China just let us know what tickets you would like booked for what dates and we'll take care of it!

Extending visas

If you're planning to stay on in China once your program with us is through then you will probably need an extension for your visa. Depending what type of visa you came to China on this can be quite easy or quite complicated to do.

If you need any assistance or completed paperwork to extend your stay, we are ready to help. Please note that although we're willing to help out, the cost of extending your visa is still to be paid by you.

Feeling sick?

If you aren't feeling well but don't know how to visit a doctor in China, have no fear! Let one of our staff know and they'll get you over to a good doctor or pharmacy. Someone will always be on hand to make sure that you get the right medicine and know how to take it.


Have a birthday coming up during your stay in China? Don't forget to let us know!

Students are always taken out for a great dinner and a night of fun by the team at Bridges to China. Dinner is on us of course. If you already have plans for a great night out then don't forget to invite us to come along!

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