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Two-day Huo Yuanjia Martial Arts Trip

Master Huo Yuanjia (1867 - 1910) is one of China's most famous martial arts masters and founder of the Chin Woo (Jing Wu) chain of martial arts schools. Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Lee have all played the role of Huo Yuanjia in their films.

In this exclusive trip to Huo Yuanjia's hometown, learn his traditional style of martial arts - taught by his descendant, visit the Jing Wumen school, and sample the local specialty steamed dumplings.

The first day is spent in Xiaonan village, where Huo Yuanjia grew up, visiting the Huo Yuanjia martial arts school and Jing Wu Men academy.

Watch Chinese students flying through the air preparing for national competition, and then learn a Mi Zong Quan form of Wushu (kung fu) under the instruction of a Chinese national champion and descendant of Huo Yuanjia.

Meet Huo Yuanjia's grandson or relatives and listen to him tell you one of the old Master's tales.

Spend the second day exploring the nearby city of Tianjin and visiting the traditional cultural street to practice martial arts learnt the day before. Enjoy some freedom to explore under our recommendations for places of interest (swimming, martial arts shops, etc).

Day 1
Morning Leave from Beijing
Late morning Arrive in Xiaonan village, via Tianjin. Visit the Jing Wu Men academy and watch China's young future professionals training.
Afternoon Learn a traditional Mi Zong Quan form practiced by Master Huo Yuanjia. Taught by a national champion.
Evening Return to Tianjin and go out for the local specialty steamed buns, famous accross China.
Night For those interested, check out Tianjin nightlife.

Day 2

Morning Breakfast of Tianjin's local dishes.
Noon Visit to Tianjin's ancient cultural street for some martial arts, then free time to explore Tianjin.
Afternoon Meet up and head back to Beijing.
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