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Three-day Great Wall Adventure

Treck the ancient Great Wall as rarely seen by tourists.

Explore a local village and stay in a local family-hostel.

Camp out in a guard tower of the ancient great wall.

Learn tai ji in the morning on a mountaintop.

Over the past few decades, the Chinese government has renovated numerous areas of the great wall, turning it into a gentle hike surrounded by hawkers and swarms of tourists. The Great Wall Adventure takes you to see China's most famous symbol at an ancient segment of the wall.

You won't find groups of hawkers here, and at times may find yourself climbing rockfaces that were once a wall.

The first night is spent camping along the great wall, so be sure to bring a thermarest, or a blanket to sleep on. A thin sheet to use as a blanket is also recommended. Summer sleeping bags are a good option if you have one, but keep in mind the temperatures in summer aren't low, even during the night. In the morning enjoy a class of tai ji taught by 6th place world-champion Lu Qiang.

Day 1

Morning Leave from Beijing
Noon Arrive at small village, eat local lunch and begin climbing the great wall
Evening Stop when we arrive at the peak guardtower, set up camp, eat packed dinner and sleep

Day 2

Morning Learn a rare form of tai ji with world champion Lu Qiang, eat breakfast, and set out
Noon Pause at scenic guardtower for packed lunch
Afternoon Arrive at destination village, explore the village, taste some local specialities and spend the night in a small family-run hostel

Day 3

Morning Return to Beijing by noon
Great Wall Video

This trip is a held regularly for participants of all our study programs, This time we hiked up to an abandoned part of the ancient wall, to a section that hasn't been renovated, and camped in a guard tower. Good times were had by all, although it was a little chilly at night!

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