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Fun Activities

One of the great perks to enrolling in a Bridges to China program is that you get to participate in all the free activities we put on during the afternoons, weekends and holidays.

Check out any number of the activities our team puts on, from ski and snowboard trips in the winter to martial arts games in the parks and foam parties in the summer!

Snowboarding and skating in Beijing...?

Here at Bridges to China we've made the most of a great winter in Beijing!

Here is some footage from our regular ice skating outings and trips to the local mountains.

How many of you knew you could snowboard in Beijing??


If acrobatics and martial arts aren't enough for you, take it to the next level in the suburbs of Beijing with some bungee jumping!

Just an hour or so outside of the city centre a river runs out of the mountains and forms an extremely high ravine with a very long drop down. If jumping off of ridiculously high things is your thing then you've found the right spot.

Biking in the countryside

Join us in renting bicycles, scooters or motorbikes and heading out into the Beijing countryside for a taste of rural life. Scooters can be rented for around 50RMB (roughly $7) a day and are a whole lot of fun.

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